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Dubliners rally for David Hooks | Crime

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Dubliners rally for David Hooks
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Dubliners rally for David Hooks
Around thirty people rallied in front of the Laurens County courthouse today, saying they demanded justice for David Hooks.
He's the local contractor who was shot and killed by Laurens County deputies last year during a drug bust, but his family attorney says, no drugs were found in the home.
Several people signed petitions asking the grand jury to investigate the death of Hooks as a felony murder. "We expect the police to serve and protect us. When we have to fear the process and fear the law enforcement and coming into your home and potentially taking your life. It makes me very, very nervous," said Tanya Burgess.
Burgess says as an attorney and citizen from Laurens County, the David Hooks case is shocking. She came here to rally for Hooks and petition the grand jury to look at this case as a felony murder. "Focused and and considered look at this case because I think that there were many breakdowns in the system all throughout the process," said Burgess.
A grand jury is expected to hear the case on Thursday. Catherine Bernard is a criminal defense attorney who spoke at the rally. While she's not directly connected with the case, she described the purpose of the grand jury process. "To determine whether or not a case should go to a trial jury. They're there to determine whether or not there's probable cause to believe a crime has been committed," said Bernard.
Bernard says it's a check on the government to make sure people aren't prosecuted and taken to trial, unless there's evidence that they did something wrong. "The grand jury proceedings are actually secret. So they will not be open to the public, they're not open to defense attorneys, they are only open to the individuals who have been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury," said Bernard.
Bernard says Hooks' wife Teresa is testifying and she hopes the grand jury will hear a fair account of what happened the night Hooks was shot. "Unless the grand jury does choose to indict, they're not holding people accountable for the death of David Hooks," said Bernard.
We reached out to Laurens County Sheriff Bill Harrell but he declined to comment. He hasn't spoken to us since the case was handed over to the GBI shortly after the shooting in September.
Hooks was shot and killed in his home by Laurens County sheriffs deputies in September of last year.
The sheriffs office says deputies were searching Hooks home for methamphetamine when investigators say hooks got out a gun, and in their words, showed aggression.
The lawyer for Hooks' family says that's when deputies shot Hooks in the back and the head while he was lying face down on the floor.
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