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Herschel Walker kicks off talent auditions in Dublin | Arts & Culture

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Herschel Walker kicks off talent auditions in Dublin
Herschel Walker kicks off talent auditions in Dublin

Former NFL star, Heisman Trophy winner and University of Georgia standout Herschel Walker kicked off his raw talent search in Dublin Saturday. Walker had the idea of showcasing videos of people from small towns and combining it with ecommerce. That means consumers can watch a video online and buy a product at the same time. In turn, the performer can make money. "As long as that video is running online, the internet, they'll be able to sell something on that video and for them to make money, so they'll have residuals and I think that's what's important," said Walker. Wherever the performer is from that community will also get part of the profit. Walker wanted to kick off the search in Central Georgia. Out of the 80 who auditioned, three top cash-prize winners and 12 runners-up will have their videos featured online. "A lot of people can sing and dance, I'm looking for something that can go viral. Gotta remember, I'm on the internet, I want something that's a little bit different, something a little kooky," added Walker. Stella Boone, 10, also a Wrightsville native, wasn't nervous about performing for the former football star. "It's just awesome to be able to see him, he's a awesome role model," she said. Boone has been doing karate since she was three. "It gives me a chance to stand up for people who can't fight for themselves." Tyquon Morris is also excited to perform. "It's a change for Dublin, especially, it gives a lot of us young people many opportunities to experience stuff like this because a lot of us haven't experienced this," said Morris. Winners of Herschels Raw Talent will be named in around two weeks, celebrities will judge the videos taped at Saturday audition. Dublin named January 18 "Herschel Walker Day."

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