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More Deadly Tornadoes | Weather

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More Deadly Tornadoes

There was another round of deadly tornadoes…this time in the Midwest.  National Weather Service meteorologists will survey the damage and determine just how strong the twisters were. Missouri seems to be the hardest hit, yet there were also reports of tornadoes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Oklahoma. More details will be unveiled in the coming days.

The last round of deadly tornadoes hit the South at the end of April. It is the largest tornado outbreak in the history of the United States and has been labeled the 2011 Super Outbreak. While tornadoes spun up in 7 different states, Alabama was the hardest hit. The damage was catastrophic in the cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. There were 340 fatalities from April 25th to April 28th. For a more formal write-up on this outbreak, check out NOAA April 2011Tornado Outbreak.

Why all the intense tornadoes this spring? Some say climate change, but that can’t be proven from two tornado outbreaks. A more likely cause is La Nina, which strengthens the jet stream and can therefore produce more intense thunderstorms. La Nina is forecast to weaken in the coming months, which should result in a weaker jet stream. We can only hope that the rest of spring will be much quieter because all the death and destruction from these tornadoes has been devastating.

Tornado sirens are very beneficial, but it’s also important to have a NOAA weather radio that will alert you of severe weather any time of day. Remember, you can get them at Kroger here in Central Georgia for $29.99. It’s a great deal on something that could save your life!


 --Meteorologist Sonya Stevens


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