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Heroic efforts by OFTC instructors save life | Schools

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Heroic efforts by OFTC instructors save life
Heroic efforts by OFTC instructors save life

Atlanta, GA - Three Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) instructors received special recognition at last week's 2014 Technical College of Georgia (TCSG) Leadership Summit in Atlanta. OFTC instructors Brenda Gurr, Denise Brinson, and Michael Johnson were each presented the TCSG Commissioner's Award for their heroic efforts to successfully resuscitate a non-responsive individual at the college’s Dublin campus.

On March 19, 2014, OFTC Medical Assisting instructor Brenda Gurr responded to a contractor standing on a ladder holding on to his unconscious coworker. After advising one of her students to call 911, Brenda helped the contractor get his coworker down from the ladder and onto the floor, so that Brenda could assess the situation.

The man had no detectable pulse; therefore, Brenda started CPR. Shortly thereafter, OFTC Radiologic Technology instructor Denise Brinson  arrived on the scene and assisted with compressions, as Brenda continued to provide breaths and maintain an airway.

OFTC’s EMT/Paramedicine instructor Michael Johnson then arrived and spoke by phone to the EMS personnel who were en route to the scene. After Michael had advised the EMS of the condition of the man, he then hung up the phone and began administering the college’s automated external defibrillator (AED).

When Laurens County EMS and Fire Rescue personnel arrived on the scene, the man was still in ventricular fibrillation. After continued CPR and the administration of needed medicines, the paramedics noted a normal sinus rhythm. The man was placed onto a stretcher and transported to Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin.

Today, the patient is recuperating at home thanks to the quick reactions and heroic efforts of these OFTC instructors – Brenda Gurr, Denise Brinson, and Michael Johnson. Their actions were critical to saving the man's life.


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