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West Laurens Students Participate in Life-Sized Maze | Schools

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West Laurens Students Participate in Life-Sized Maze

Students from West Laurens Middle School in Dublin participated in a life-sized maze. By drawing cards, eighth graders learned about the consequences of drinking and driving, texting and driving, sexual activities and other things. 

Amber Elerson, 14, drew the pregnancy card. "I had a baby, I had to worry about child support and money, and it was born with a defect. It was born early," she said.

The Laurens county Family Connection organized the event. Executive Director Connie Smith said it's important for teens to experience this.

"We've had some tears shed, we've had some that are gonna giggle, we had some that looked like they were just in awe. Hopefully we made a good impact on them," Smith said.

Students also got to spin the STD wheel it let them know what kind of STD they got from having sex.

"From that they'll go to the STD clinic and in the clinic they will be examined. And the doctors and nurses will explain to them about their disease, the treatment method for it, if there's a treatment," Smith said.

Elerson said she plans on sharing what she learned with her friends, so they can make the right choices.

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