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Big Rig Bees Find New Home

The second Wendy Adams heard the buzz about a bee-carrying big rig overturning, she flew into action.

So she hopped in her honey bee-mobile and soared to the scene of the accident, but saving the insects wasn't the hardest part.

Her next step? Helping the orphaned bees find foster homes. 

That's when new beekeeper Robert Young stepped in. 

This is his first time beekeeping, but says he couldn't pass up the chance to help. 

The beekeepers have been relying on their own resources but really could use a few of these key items including hay, sugar, and extra queens. 

If you would like to assist, you can visit the Bee At Peace Rescue Fund's Facebook Page.

CAMPAIGN 2013: Your Election Results

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Best and Worst Buys Before Black Friday

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- We've reached a particularly confusing time of the year. With Black Friday right around the corner, you can easily cut your costs by 40% on countless items if you play your cards correctly. It's also important to note not every purchase is cheaper on Black Friday. Below you'll find my list of the best and worst purchases before Black Friday.

Great purchases BEFORE Black Friday:

1. Holiday Treats and Gift Baskets: The top gift basket deals and treats for the holiday season drop early. Prices increase several days before Black Friday and as we get closer to Christmas when prices are at their highest.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Shoe Plant Moves to Hazlehurst

HAZLEHURST, Ga. (AP) - Executives with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. say they plan to move production of some shoes from overseas to a manufacturing plant in south Georgia, which they say will create 250 jobs in the state.

The retailer on Thursday announced plans for the facility in Hazlehurst, a Jeff Davis County town about 100 miles west of Savannah.

Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart said its longtime supplier Elan-Polo Inc. will start production of injection-molded footwear in March 2014 in Hazlehurst as part of a joint venture with McPherson Manufacturing.

Daylight Saving This Weekend

WASHINGTON (AP) - It's time to fall back.

Most Americans will be able to get an extra hour of sleep this weekend thanks to the annual shift back to standard time.

The change officially occurs at 2 a.m. Sunday, but most people will set their clocks back before heading to bed Saturday night.

Residents of Hawaii, most of Arizona and some U.S. territories don't have to change since they do not observe daylight saving time.

Public safety officials say this is also a good time to put a new battery in the smoke alarm, no matter where you live.

Daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. local time March 9.

Prep Football Coaches Embracing iPads

From wooden tennis rackets to the lighter graphite ones that athletes use now, over time, sports have improved with technology.

Coaches used to meet each other on the road and exchange game tape.  Now, all of that is done online.

This year, there is another upgrade making coaching a little easier on the sidelines of all Georgia High School Association football games.

It's a little square that you might have sitting beside you in the living room right now.

Besides a stirring pre-game speech, and even peer pressure on the sidelines, coaches now have a new weapon - the iPad.

Across Central Georgia, we've seen coaches using the small computer to show kids what's going on after a play.

Restrictions for Sex Offenders on Halloween

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- A total of 173 sex offenders on parole in metro Atlanta will face curfews and restrictions on Halloween to keep children from trick-or-treating at their homes.

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"They're not allowed to answer the door or have any outside lights on," said Steve Hayes, Director of Public Affairs for the State Board of Pardons and Paroles. "They can't decorate for Halloween or hand out treats or candy or anything like that. No participation whatsoever.

State parole officials will also impose curfews and send out officers to make the rounds of residences to make sure sex offenders are complying with the restrictions.