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Family of Child Spanked by Store Clerk Speaks Out | News

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Family of Child Spanked by Store Clerk Speaks Out

Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling said he plans to upgrade charges from simple battery to aggravated assault in the case of a Dollar General store clerk accused of spanking a customer's child with a belt. 

Sterling said they decided to make this change because of additional video shot at a different angle that shows the clerk, Emilia Bell, spanking the 8-year-old boy with a belt around 25 times. 

13WMAZ talked with the boy, Logan Ivey.

"It's just heartbreaking me that it happened two days before my birthday, it's just, I don't like it," said Logan. 

Logan described what happened after coming into the store with his mother:

"So I walked down this aisle and I seen the lady. She started calling me a demon, so I said 'I'll show you bad' and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her. So then she starts chasing me around the Dollar General with her belt and takes me behind the counter and starts beating me with her belt."  

Logan said he was hit on his lower back. 

"I felt like I had five needles sticking in me, then it really hurt. I was screaming Momma."  

MORE COVERAGE: Clerk Charged With Spanking Customer's Child With Belt

Store surveillance video of the incident hasn't been released publicly, but Logan's father, Jody Ivey, said he watched it.

"It wasn't a spanking, it was more or less a beating than a spanking the way she was hitting him. I don't know how to explain it and I don't want to think about it," said Jody Ivey.

"I just wish everybody could see the video," Ivey said, because of what he said were critical comments about the boy's parents.

"If they have seen the video it would be a lot different."

13WMAZ contacted the clerk, Emilia Bell, and she declined to comment. The manager at the Dollar General Store also declined comment. 


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