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Dublin Competes for Best BBQ in Georgia | News

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Dublin Competes for Best BBQ in Georgia

There's an art to making mouth-watering barbecue and a couple in Dublin have proved to be the best of the best winning BBQ competitions all across the southeast. 

Now they're out to get the ultimate prize of Best BBQ in Georgia and it's all being documented by the hit show BBQ Pitmasters on Destination America.

The smell is intoxicating and the succulent taste leaves you wanting more. That's the art of barbecue and Gary and Dionn Lanton are the masters behind Holy Smokes BBQ based out of Dublin. 

The Lantons will be appearing on BBQ Pitmasters, a television show on Destination America, that follows three competitors vying for the title of Best BBQ in Georgia. 

"We watched the show one night and Gary got hooked on it and I said, you know, we can do this," says 28-year-old Dionn Lanton, the team's pitmaster.

"Two and a half years later, you know, we're going to be on the show. So for us, that's just come full circle," says 33-year-old Gary Lanton.

Holy Smokes BBQ was in a cook-off against Warner Robins' Georgia Bob's BBQ and Lazy Bear BBQ from Gainesville. The episode will air on December 23rd.

"They're stick burners and we're more digital. We're kind of the new school and they're more of the old school," says Dionn.

Gary adds, "We're willing to back it up and we're willing to compete against the likes of any of them. All they have to do is get in line."

Winning comes down to presentation and taste -- the combo of rub, sauces, and smoke. 

"When they bite it, they have to have a tenderness in their mouth and an explosion of favor that makes them go, wow I cannot wait to get another bite of that," says Gary.

The Lantons took up an expensive hobby, spending upwards of $800 on diesel gas alone. The couple travel to competitions on the weekends with their three daughters and Sam their American bulldog.

"With the girls, seeing us at home practicing and stuff and they see us working at the contest. They see that what you put into work ethic, good things come out of it," says Gary.

To find out who will win the title of Best BBQ in Georgia, the episode will air on Destination America at 9 p.m on December 23rd.


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