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Dublin Sets Up Solar Street Lights | News

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Dublin Sets Up Solar Street Lights

Dublin has started putting up Solar street lights on South Jefferson near the city's downtown. This project got federal funding from the federal government administered by the Georgia's Department of Transportation.

There will be 24 of the solar powered street lights on South Jefferson and another 10 on Belleview.

"This is the first transportation corridor that has solar lighting in the state of Georgia so it's just very exciting for us, first to have a solar industry in Dublin, now to have the first state roadway lit by solar lighting," said Tim Lake, of T. Lake Environmental Design.

These lights are truly green according to Lake, because the solar panels absorb the energy from the sun into a battery pack underneath the post. Then when the sun goes down, the battery powers the L.E.D. lights in the lamp.

"It can run for five days," said Lake.  "If we threw a blanket over this thing and covered it up we'd have five days of storage capacity. So a combination of very high technology and highly engineered components with the solar cell, the brains, the battery and the LED lights which operate at a very cool temperature and good color rendition you just have a wonderful system."

Lake said the cost of these street lights is about $11,000 and that the standard street lights cost just over $7,600. But the typical street light have other costs like a leasing fee and monthly energy costs that go to the electric company.

He said because the solar street lights are powered by the sun, they will end up saving taxpayers about $500 dollars a month or $15 per street lamp.

"The first is return on investment happens very quickly, 3.7 months for the city to get a return on investment on these lamps," said Lake.

The solar panels were also made in Dublin by MAGE Solar. Lake said this was a truly collaborative project.

"It's a huge honor to have it here in the Emerald City because we're already green and growing but to have this happen with MAGE here as a partner already bringing jobs, we've come full circle," said Lake.


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