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Redneck Games Bring Big Crowd to East Dublin | News

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Redneck Games Bring Big Crowd to East Dublin

Self-proclaimed rednecks spit out watermelon seeds, threw toilet seats and flopped in mud at the Redneck Games in East Dublin this weekend.

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There was even a Canadian reality TV show called Get Stuffed that came to the games to see what it was all about.

"So far so good, I've definitely seen some characters," said Joshua Rice, one of the co-host. "Lot of cats out here that you would not see in Canada which is great. That's the reason why we come down to these, to see obscure different things."

People competed in the toilet toss, the mud belly flop and other events.

"The one, one tip my dad gave me always as long as you're always looking at your target, you'll get it close, so so I think it's gonna be more mental for me," said Kalyn Miles, co-host of Get Stuffed.

The games brought fans from all over, including a U.S. Representative.  

"Well I have already seen the redneck toilet toss, I've already seen them use the toilet seats as a horseshoe, you don't get anymore redneck than that," said U.S. Representative John Barrow.

Organizers changed the date of the Redneck Games from July to May, and it wasn't as packed as it has been. They think the date change and high school graduations in Dublin affected the turnout.

"As a result of the change of date and a couple of other conflicts I think they're kind of learning how things need to be done so that we can increase attendance and participation next year," said Charles Barreras, Tourism Director of Dublin-Laurens Tourism Council.


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