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The Blue Cart: What is it for, really? | Community Spirit

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The Blue Cart: What is it for, really?
The Blue Cart: What is it for, really?

The City of Dublin blog says that over 700 tons were recycled rather than going to the landfill since the inception of the blue cart.

In 2010, The City of Dublin launched its voluntary curbside residential recycling program in an effort to keep our community Green and Growing. Large blue carts and simple guidelines specifying acceptable and non-acceptable materials were provided to every single family household in the city limits. Single-Stream recycling has provided ease to recycling, allowing residents to mix all recyclable items into one container – no sorting necessary. The city’s collection capacity doubled overnight! Dublin residents were ready to make a positive impact on the environment and limit the use and growth our landfills. Over 700 TONS of recyclable materials have been diverted from our landfill due to the recycling efforts of the City of Dublin’s residents!

Read the full story on the City of Dublin's blog.

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