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Dublin Author Releases Second Book
Dublin Author Releases Second Book

Dublin author Anne Mercer published her second book, A Mother's Choice.

Mercer says her writing comes any time of the day--whether it's day, night or in between. She says her latest book, A Mother's Choice, comes after a run-in with alcoholism and losing her son (who has cerebral palsy) because of it.

Now she says, she's 11 years sober and has her son back.

She says she's not sure what inspired this book, but some would suggest she's been inspired by hardship.

Taking place in 1937, A Mother's Choice is about how decisions have "scattering effects."

Mercer describes the book: "It is a sad book about a mother that was dejected, rejected and left alone without food or shelter with two little boys in the late 30s. Her husband abandoned her because her last child had cebral palsy with horrible seizures. This mother had to give her oldest child who was eighteen months old to the Baxley Home for Boys with the intentions of getting him back once she found work, housing and food.  However, he was sold to a couple that loved him.  However, Poppy did not know where or who adopted him until he was 21 years old."

Last year, Mercer published Hailey's Tragedies and Triumphs.

Mercer says that she's currently working on another manuscript.

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