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UPDATE: Dublin Mall owners respond to prayer flap | Business

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UPDATE: Dublin Mall owners respond to prayer flap


MCK Properties, owners of Dublin Mall, say they don't have an issue with people "privately and quietly praying."

However, they will not allow any "congregating, soliciting or disturbances."

MCK released the statement on its Facebook page Tuesday after a group of mall walkers said they were approached two weeks ago by a security guard and told it was against mall policy to pray."

The walkers, a group called Dublin Girls Run, walks at the mall weekly and begins with a prayer circle.

The group's run leader, Tammy Brantley, said the guard told them the rule was in place because another religious group had been approaching people in the mall.

Brantley says the group of about 10 women weren't being loud or disrupting customers and have been walking since November 2013.

She doesn't believe they violated the Dublin Mall's Code of Conduct, which reads "disorderly conduct, or other disturbances which disrupt or endanger any patrons, guest, merchant or employee in the shopping center is not allowed."

John Engler, vice president of MCK, released the following statement:

"The Dublin Mall over the last week has been the subject of conversation throughout the community. Through meeting with some of the various people involved, some of the stories have merit while others have gone off the deep end and due to the sensitive issue have publically hampered the Dublin Mall. The Mall first and foremost has no issues or objection whatsoever with anyone of any religion denomination privately and quietly praying over there food before they eat or showing devotion towards their religion of choice provided it does not impose itself on others or take away from the overall shopping experience."

That explanation is not cutting it for some people in Dublin.

The issue prompted the creation of a Facebook page called "Power Display of Prayer." The group successfully got a permit from the city to hold a prayer rally outside of the mall from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday.

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