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Laurens, Dodge Motorcycle Ride Raises $2000 | Best Of

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Laurens, Dodge Motorcycle Ride Raises $2000
Laurens, Dodge Motorcycle Ride Raises $2000

Bubba Judd, retired and a veteran from the Dublin area, was known for lending a helping hand to no matter what.

Saturday, July 21, more than a 100 people lent a hand in tribute and memory to Judd who died recently as a result of a battle with lung cancer. A memorial ride, which had been originally planned for a fundraiser while Judd was alive to help with medical expenses, was held to raise funds to offset the financial burden that Judd's family has as a result of his disease and death. And that they did - more than $2000.

Clifton 'Spud' Fordham, a Dodge County native, and his wife Marie planned the event with the help of many, including, Spud said, "The Leatherman Inc. in Eastman. Joel helped get the word out, got folks to cook for us and supllied the final destination for the ride.

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