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Mom-isms: What Did Your Mom Always Say?
Mom-isms: What Did Your Mom Always Say?

With Mother's Day coming up Sunday, May 13, we want you to think back to your childhood. Think of all the things your mother ever said to you.What was one thing that your mom always seemed to say?

You can reply in the comment section below or email your Mom-ism to whereyoulive@13wmaz.com

Some of you have already started sharing what your Mom says. Here they are: 

  • Always tell the truth, the truth will set you free.
  • You are just as good as anyone else.
  • If you tell a story (lie), you will get big bumps on your tongue!
  • Don't make me get your Daddy!
  • It takes a brain to worry.
  • It will come back to you when you have children.
  • Well, I Suwannee!
  • You don’t NEED… (fill in the blank).
  •  The music is too loud.  (this was said if anything other than gospel music was playing).
  • I like the old one better (this is the response to my new car, hairdo, etc.
  • Highlighting (your hair) will make all your hair fall out.
  • Remember us poor country folks!
  • I’ll buy you that (dress, outfit, etc) next time we go shopping.
  • Study harder and next time you will get a 100 (instead of just a 95).
  • Get the gun!  There’s an armadillo in the yard!
  • Is that all you’re gonna eat?  Here, have some more.  You are too skinny!
  • Have more dessert.
  • Your tea is too sweet.
  • You didn’t add enough salt to you peas.
  • The men can do the dishes!
  • He needs a whoopin.
  • "Behave!  Real Have!” She pronounced “behave” like two words (‘be’ and ‘have’) and she pronounced the “have” with a long a like, hayve.
  • Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.
  • Be thankful for what you have there are those that are not as lucky.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • Giddy up, now Giddy up (when it was time to wake up)
  • I'm the mama bear, and you're the baby bear; so do as I say grrrrrr.
  • You need to learn the definition of patience
  •  Remember who you are and what you stand for.
  • My mom would only have to "give us the look" to straighten us up.
  • Things that you worry about most, always work out the best...
  • You heard me Twice the First Time!
  • There is no love greater than the love a mother feels for her child
  • Hold your beautiful head up.
  • Everytime I fell, she said, "Come here I pick you up"
  • I brought you in this world, I'll take you out.
  • Awe flitter sticks.
  • Pretty is as pretty does.
  • Wait 'til your daddy gets home!
  • Don't yesssss me, you're not a snake!
  • If it was easy, everyone would do it, you have to work hard to achieve your goals.
  • As you associate, so you become.
  • ‎"I'm the moment, that's why" whenever we wanted to know why we couldn't do what other kids did.
  • "Because I'm not their mother," when we would say so and so does it.
  • "You owe me your life." (jokingly)
  • Excuse me, who do you think you're talking to I will slap da black off of you!
  • Learn all you can, because what you learn no one can take it away.
  • Go see about your sister. ('I had four of them')
  • Honey we made it this far.
  •  If you can't say something nice about somebody don't say anything at all.
  • ‎You're just a child with a child's mind.
  • Honey, everybody knows what to do with the devil except the one who's got him.
  • I brought you into the world I can take you back out just as quick.
  • I'm just sayin's all.
  • What goes around comes around, so always treat people nice and nice comes back.
  • God don't like ugly.
  • Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.
  • Your environment reflects who you are.
  • Choose your friends, otherwise they'll choose you.
  • A heard head makes a soft behind!
  • Well shoot fire and eat onions!
  • You have two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you talk.
  • No matter what happens in your life, Mama will always be there.
  • If you think you can, you can, but if you think you cannot, you never will.


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