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Local Author Publishes Second Book | Arts & Culture

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Local Author Publishes Second Book
Local Author Publishes Second Book

Local  Annette McFarland from Dublin has had her second book, Blessings Untold, published. 

That's according to a PublishAmerica news release.
About the book: Beautiful, sassy and clever Paije Moore, in full pursuit of the good life, tugs at the heartstrings of readers with her genuine love for her friend, Marline Bailey.  After leaving home, Marline experiences a journey filled with glamour and turbulence.
Charmer boy, Cole sauntered into Paije’s life with his silver tongue and love of self, only to demonstrate one serious weakness, women.  His cheating heart had to go.  Then she encountered hunk man, Larry, who is spine-tingling sexy, but is hiding a secret that shakes her world, primarily “The Red Headed Stranger.” In the apartment below, Paije discovered Major Andrew Greggory, a pilot in the Air Force.  She takes the plunge and falls deeply in love with him only to experience a heartbreaking romance.  Paije at last puts her demons to rest and she restores our belief in the miracle of “love.”  
Marline falls into the descending, frightening and demoralizing world of “alcoholism.”  She is married to wonderful Dr. Gabriel Euing and he endures her devious and deceitful adulterous affair.  Through the rubble of her shattered life, comes a most unexpected gift for her and Dr. Euing, the most amazing power of a new beginning.

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